Meet the Handstand Kids

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Birthday July 5

Greetings! I'm Izzy and I am nine years old.

I like spaghetti a lot, but everyone says I am the pickiest eater that they know.

I think I will also like enchiladas. It will be so fun to make them.

It will be so cool to make apple taquitos for my sister! She is a diabetic so she can't eat food with sugar. I want to make her this dessert because it's made without any sugar. I think she will love them!


Birthday February 8

Hey! I'm Felix and I'm 10 and-a-half years old.

I am starting a new school next year and they offer cooking classes after school.

I am a vegetarian which means that I don't eat any meat. My whole family is vegetarian so we all love having lasagna for holidays. It will be awesome to make the Mexican version of lasagna called chilaquiles.

I have never cooked anything before and I really want to learn how to make guacamole and salsa. I can eat it for an after-school snack and make it for my friends.


Birthday October 7

Hi! I'm Gabby and I am eleven years old.

My favorite thing to do is learn new languages. So far I can speak three languages pretty well; English, Spanish, and Farsi. I absolutely love learning new words and I hope that one day I can speak to everyone in the world in their native language. I know that's ambitious, but I am starting young.

I am super excited to learn more Spanish words. I have been to Mexico twice and I can't wait to go back. My new favorite food is fiesta corn and I can't wait to make it at home while speaking Spanish!


Birthday April 19

Hi! I'm Marvin and I want to be a chef when I grow up. I'm only ten so I have tons to learn. My mom teaches me a lot of stuff when she's cooking. She has traveled a lot so we make all different kinds of food.

When I was eight, she took me to Italy and I loved eating the panini sandwiches. I can't wait to make Mexican sandwiches called tortas. My mom says I will like them just as much as panini sandwiches.

One day I will have my own restaurant and serve all kinds of sandwiches.


Birthday December 17

Hello there. My name is Ari and I am eight years old.

I love to eat all kinds of foods! My family thinks I am funny because I will try almost any food.

Last Thanksgiving, my family volunteered at a homeless shelter and we gave meals to a lot of families. I know the shelter takes food donations and I am really excited to learn new recipes to bring to them.

I am also excited to hold food fundraisers for Common Threads! I think it's great that they teach kids about nutrition and how to cook.

My favorite food of all time is cookies and I can't wait to make and share Mexican wedding cookies. Yum!