Our Community

The Handstand Kids are busy planning the delicious food they will be cooking for their friends, families, and those in need.

Many wonderful places and people will appreciate the gift of your cooking skills- and what a fun activity with your family and friends when you're not at school! Check out what the Handstand Kids are up to: + Gabby is sending Bella Biscotti Cookies to the troops abroad. + Felix is bringing Apple-licious Taquitos to a local children's hospital. + Ari and her family are cooking Arroz con Pollo at a soup kitchen on the Fourth of July. + Marvin is hosting a bake sale to raise money for Nothing but Nets, an organization that provides nets to children in Africa to prevent malaria. + Izzy is baking Mexican Holiday Cookies for his local fire department. We want to know how you're using your cooking skills to help others this season - please contact us with your holiday volunteering ideas!

Here are some charities that can help you Stir It Up!