Handstand Kitchen is the perfect place for kids to learn to love food, through a hands-on cooking experience. Created in 2007 by a recent law school graduate, Yvette Garfield, Handstand Kitchen provides children their own domain in the kitchen that empowers them to eat healthy and delicious foods. It is Yvette's hope that children will be inspired to use their new cooking skills to give back to their own communities.

Yvette Garfield

Yvette had the idea of creating the Handstand Kitchen on a very long flight back from India.
She wanted to bring back cookbooks for her little cousins, but was discouraged when unable
to find any for children. Upon her return to the US, she began brainstorming on how to
introduce children to international foods in a fun and hands-on way.
Yvette is a law school graduate who has a strong interest in international children's rights.
She has worked with various non-profit organizations and the Department of Justice, Children's Rights Section.

Yvette's favorite food is chocolate. Contact Yvette: yvette@handstandkids.com